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Linux VPS Hosting in Singapore

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give you the same control of your hosting environment as a dedicated server with more resources than shared hosting. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. Our VPS hosting service allows you to have:

  Full control of the server via root (administrator) level access
  Server resources reserved for your VPS
  Ability to host multiple websites
  Fully configure your hosting environment
  Run custom database-driven applications
  Dedicated IP for your applications
  Anything else you need to do to your web environment

Xen for Performance and Reliability
Our VPS system is based on Xen, which uses a true hardware-assisted virtualization technology to guarantee server resources and isolation from other VPSes on the same server. Each VPS functions like a dedicated server with fixed allocated resources, has its own reserved RAM, hard disk space and swap space, ensuring a higher level of stability than competing technologies.

Unlimited Domains, Emails, MySQL
The DirectAdmin or cPanel control panels that we support have no limits on the number of domains per VPS. For greater reliability and responsiveness you should size your VPS accordingly to your needs, as server resources are reserved and prioritized proportionally to the package.

Basic Support Included
We provide a basic level of technical support for our Linux VPS service. We will do our best to help you with any problems related to the default software installed to make sure things are running correctly for you. If you would like take up full management (where we take care of everything for you), please consider one of our server management plans.


Server Hardware
Dell PowerEdge Series
Shared Intel Quad Core Xeon Processor
Virtual Processors
Disk Space
10 000 MB
20 000 MB
30 000 MB
40 000 MB
Bandwidth Transfer
30 000 MB
60 000 MB
90 000 MB
120 000 MB
Dedicated RAM
256 MB
512 MB
1024 MB
2048 MB
Dedicated IP
2 IPs (2 IPs are needed to run your own DNS server)
Control Panel/ OS
DirectAdmin (Unlimited domains, Email accounts, MySQL)
Linux CentOS 5
Root Access
Yes - via SSH
Can be auto-scheduled via DirectAdmin/cPanel Control Panel
Helpdesk/Email Technical Support
24x7 Email/ Helpdesk Support
12 month payment
1 month payment
Setup Fee

S$30 one-time
Setup fee waived for 12 month prepayment

Optional Upgrades

Change from Direct Admin to cPanel (+S$30/mth) - Unlimited Domains
[At least 512MB RAM required]

Free .com/.net/.org domain with any
VPS purchase for life of account!


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