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SeaStarNet True Support

Our Elite Support Team

Our support teams work hard to ensure a high level of support beyond what most hosts can offer. Our support staff are the heart of our operation. We carefully select the best and brightest, so that we are able to offer the highest quality support services available today to our customers. Everyone in our team holds bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, or will in the near future. We firmly believe the wisest investment any company can make is in its people.

We choose new team members for their technical ability, intelligence, problem solving skills and very importantly, their inclination to help others.

Our support team is divided into three levels for more efficient handling of your queries. Our Level 1 techicians handle basic technical issues or queries. Our Level 2 technicians cover more challenging issues such as domain level DNS configuration, domain level Apache configuration, most FrontPage related issues, .htaccess/.htpasswd issues, in-depth email issues. Level 3 technicians will work to resolve issues that affect the entire server or have to do with software package malfunctions, server performance, and/or server security. Note that we do not generally provide scripting or programming assistance for end-users.

Monitoring for Maximum Uptime

SeaStarNet's support team zealously monitor our servers to ensure that our servers are always up. Our server monitoring stations throughout the Internet test the server for service life and server health every 5 minutes. When a service or server goes down our server monitoring system alerts our technicians in our support center. One of our expert technicians will then investigate the alert and find the cause of the problem.

Strong Server Security

We are serious about server security. Some of our basic measures are highlighted below.

WEEKLY SECURITY AUDITS. Our servers are audited weekly to check the for security issues. If any anomalies are discovered, our technicians are alerted and we manually investigate to ensure that the server is secure.

FIREWALL PROTECTION. We install and configure Advance Policy Firewall (APF) and block ports which are not used by our server to maximize the security of the server. Additionally, Brute Force Detection (BFD) is installed which detects brute force attacks against the server and automatically denies access to attackers.

HTTP INTRUSION PROTECTION. We install special software to detect and prevent intrusion on our servers. This module increases web application security, protecting web applications from both known and unknown attacks. Our customized ruleset protects from a wide variety of common http attacks, such as PHPBB exploits.

SERVER HARDENING. We audit our new servers to ensure the proper installation of the operating system and that all software is patched to the latest version. SeaStarNet performs many tweaks to our server to ensure that temporary directories and shared memory locations are secured to prevent against rogue files being uploaded or executed on the system. All unnecessary services are disabled, and unused packages are removed. SSH is hardened, and kernel operating variables are tweaked to add additional security without impacting any use of the server.

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Overview    Features    True Support    Sitebuilder    Web Applications    Control Panel     Software     Sign up

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