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MailProt Home

Email security service for PCs, Macs and mobiles


S$42/year yearly per mail box
(average of S$3.50/mo per mailbox)

Key benefits:

Continue to keep your existing email address
Self-instructing spam filter, no training needed
Clears spam and viruses before they reach your email inbox
Eliminates all known email viruses
No software installation needed, quick start up
No upgrades needed, automatic filter updates
Personal quarantine and spam digest to review blocked messages
Compatible with all email clients/ operating systems
Compatible with PCs/ Laptops/ and mobile phones

After your account is activated, MailProt becomes your new email server. MailProt collects email from your current provider, and filters spam and viruses into a quarantine store. You can then download your emails normally from our servers.

Activation is easy. After sign up, all you need to do is change your email settings in your mail client to retrieve emails from our server instead of your existing provider.

Universal Compatibility

As email is filtered before it reaches your computer, the product is compatible with all devices and operating systems and devices which can receive email via POP3. Examples are: Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Palm PDA, Blackberry, Mobile Phones, etc.

Daily Reports

Users of our service will receive daily reports listing most recent archived spam for your review. You will be able to redefine the e-mail that you would like MailProt to block or allow through in future.

Picture 1: Daily spam reports for each user

Quarantine Store

You can also access the quarantine store to review the spam received over the past few weeks, up to 30 days. You can also review your Whitelist (allow list) and Blacklist (block list) here.

Picture 2: Quarantine

Sign up for a free trial now.

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Overview    MailProt Business    Benefits    How it works    MailProt Home    Pricing   Free trial      

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