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How it works

SeaStarNet MailProt ensures superior 99% filtering accuracy through the use of a multi-layered filtering technology which combines many spam, virus, content, attachment, and email attack filtering technologies.

Attack Protection

Spammers are writing code and developing new tools that take advantage of vulnerabilities in the email system. Attack Protection from MailProt provides shields your email servers from SMTP-based attacks such as Denial of Service (attempt to overwhelm your network or email servers), Dictionary Harvest (spammer will send hundreds and thousands of name combinations to an email server, in order to discover valid email addresses) and attempts to make use of email server vulnerabilities. After subscription to our service, as our messaging gateways will be filtering your email, you can restrict your email server to only receive email from our networks to increase your level of protection.

Connection Analysis

Most spam emails are sent using misconfigured servers and compromised home computers. MailProt analyses the mail server connection data to reject these connections in real time by using publicly available and our internal database, and our rule sets.

In addition, spammers may generate spam that pretends that the email is from some email domain that does not exist, or from another valid email domain. Our systems employ a combination of methods to reject such spoofing emails. After downloading the mail, MailProt checks and decodes the mail to remove potential threats from malformed emails, protecting vulnerable mail servers.

Anti-fraud/ phishing

With MailProt, companies can be assured that users are protected from these fraudulent phishing emails.

Phishing and fraud incidents are becoming commonplace on the internet causing unsuspecting users to become victims of identity theft and disclose their financial or security information. Phishing attackers use spam and virus techniques to send official-looking fraudulent emails designed to lead consumers into revealing their credit card numbers, bank account information, passwords, or other sensitive information. These information are then sold into an underground network, or used to conduct large fraudulent purchases.

Virus Scanner

Virus and worm outbreaks transported through email can cost your business lost productivity, strain on your IT department and budget, and corporate clean-up efforts. With new morphing viruses and worms constantly threatening company computer networks, desk-top anti-virus solutions are no longer enough. By subscribing to MailProt, you can enjoy our comprehensive anti-virus and anti-worm filtering techniques to identify and block virus threats from the internet before they arrive in your inbox.

Spam Filter

MailProt can help you fight the large amount of unwanted spam with a unique system that has proven effective in blocking over 99 percent of all spam. Our spam filter employs a combination of methodologies that includes a large number of internal and external blacklists, artificial intelligence, text and header scans, optical character recognition (for image spam), auto-learning and custom rules and techniques. These different methods assess the likelihood that an email is spam. This technique results in accurate identification with low false positive rates (legitimate email misidentified as spam).

Emails identified as spam are delivered to a quarantine. This quarantine can be reviewed by end-users via daily spam digests.

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Overview    MailProt Business    Benefits    How it works    MailProt Home    Pricing   Free trial      

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