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1. Email protection you can trust: superior 99% catch rate

Enjoy superior protection against malicious emails. Our MailProt technology achieves up to 99% catch rate. Spam is filtered off to a quarantine store before it reaches your network, ensuring extra security, savings in your bandwidth and reduced load on your existing mail servers. Compared to spam filters on individual computers, it is more effective because filtering starts at server communication level.

Our MailProt technology is constantly updated and keeps pace with the ever changing nature of unwanted email — our spam databases are constantly updated with the latest information and signatures, and our scanner modules upgraded. Picture spams are removed using our Optical Character Recognition technology, which converts picture into text before it is scanned by MailProt's artificial intelligence engines.

2. Increased productivity: MailProt pays for itself!

How much time do your employees spend sifting through spam emails every day? The time loss is significant productivity loss for your company, not to mention frustration for your employees. In fact, a simple calculation will show that the service always pays for itself through productivity gains.
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In addition, by blocking unsafe email from entering your network, your business is safeguarded against threats such as viruses and leaking of confidential company information via spyware. In fact, about 80% of viruses enter the corporate network via email. A single virus can affect your systems and data integrity, causing significant damage and operational downtime for your company.

3. Lower cost than maintaining your own anti-spam solution

SeaStarNet's MailProt service frees up your IT resources, so that you can focus on your business. No need to buy hardware and software, obtain rack space and bandwidth at a datacenter, train or hire someone to optimize anti-spam settings, and perform ongoing maintenance.

Our MailProt service is based on a low fixed cost per email user — easy to budget and hassle-free.

4. Avoid losing emails with our spam report and quarantine system

Although our accuracy rate is extremely high, there could be rare cases where a legitimate email is wrongly identified as spam ('false positive'). For MailProt, spam emails are not deleted immediately, but stored in a quarantine store for review for 30 days.

A daily "spam report " lists down the spam emails captured during the day to each individual user for review. If an email is classified wrongly, the user can click to deliver the message, or whitelist the address or entire domain so that the emails from this address can come through in future.

Picture 1: Daily spam reports for each user

By clicking on a link in the spam digest, the user can logon to his individual quarantine store. He can review the spam received today, or the archive for the past 30 days, and review his whitelist (allow) and blacklist (block) settings.

Picture 2: Quarantine

As end-users can view and manage their own quarantines, IT managers do not need to worry about individual quarantine issues.

5. Protects both incoming and outgoing mail

Most anti-spam providers only scan inbound mails. The SeaStarNet MailProt service is a complete solution that provides both inbound and outbound emails to stop viruses and spamming.

No company or organization wants to be the source of viruses or spam. This damages the organization and puts a heavy strain on the company's network. Our MailProt service ensures that email leaving the network is virus-free and legitimate, and prevents people from unintentionally or intentionally using the company's network to send viruses or spam.

6. Acts as backup mail server

No worries about losing email if there is an interruption in your email infrastructure. If your email server goes down, MailProt will continue to accept mail for your domain, and retain it until your server is back online. When your server is back up, MailProt delivers these mail in a paced, controlled manner to make sure that your server can handle the influx of emails.

MailProt email gateways are located in redundant locations in our US and Singapore datacenters, increasing the redundancy and reliability to your vital email traffic.


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Overview    MailProt Business    Benefits    How it works    MailProt Home    Pricing   Free trial      

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