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Server Managment and Monitoring Services

Scope of service

System Administration Email/ Helpdesk *
2 requests

4 requests

12 requests
24x7 Service Monitoring +
ping monitoring
3 server services
(e.g. http, smtp, pop)
3 server services
(e.g. http, smtp, pop)
Downtime Reaction
Server Services Repair to fix Downtime
Periodic Control Panel Updates
Periodic Operating System Patching
Assistance with Server Backup Configuration
Managed Backups and Server Recovery
Firewall Config, Server Hardening and Regular Security Audits
Service Level Agreement
S$50/ mth
S$150/ mth
S$300/ mth

A control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, DotNetPanel) must be installed on the server in order for us to provide these services.

* System administration services covers requests such as custom server software installation, mail server configuration, server scripting changes, server troubleshooting, etc. Please note that Installation and support of third party web scripts/ applications are not covered.

+ 24x7 Service Monitoring:
Ping monitoring: Our monitors will send a "ping" to check if the server is up in 5 minute intervals.
Server services: Our monitors will check your web and mail server services in 5 minute intervals to see if they are responding.

For your complete peace of mind:
Managed 24x7 support enables you to focus on your business

Not everyone has experience with running their own servers. From time to time, you may need system administration help in troubleshooting your issues, or making sure things work. For example, if the email service is not working, and you need help to troubleshoot the issue. Or you need help to install certain server software on your server.

24x7 monitoring in 5 minute intervals ensures high uptime

Our server management service includes 24x7 monitoring of your server. This gives you peace of mind. If your server is down or something is not working, we will try to fix it first before you even know it.

Managed backup ensures integrity of your data

We set the backup of your data to the second hard disk on the server. This ensures that in case of disaster, we can recover your site from the backups on the second hard disk.

Increase your server security with proactive updates on a regular basis

New security vulnerabilities and software issues are surfaced on a regular basis. We install the necessary control panel and server software updates to ensure that your server is running smoothly, all the time.


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